A Living Process for Generated Structure
                   The Kawagoe House Project

  20140830 the first draft
Miyoko Takeda

1.The summary


   The Generative Structure could be seen in the traditional building, garden,  arts, crafts and village as the  same with the nature itself, because they had made in the process with living people. On the other hand the fabricated structure especially in modern ages would

 made in the frame of something  like economical efficiency of somebody or politics or business for business  or rigid form for administration for control, which was far from reality or living user's true life. Therefor the generated structure can heal the people and area so that it helps the living power of people and area and harmonious with the nature itself. Although the fabricated structure would bring the stress continuously so that the condition would make people ill and harsh the living power with unbalance of strain and dullness,  weariness, manic-depressive and so on.


  The human environment itself is living so that one building as a part of it contribute to the

 life of area, in other wards, it can contribute to inner mind of the family, and outer; the area environment. There were a thousands steps in the generated process like the way to see the site and the position and volume-check of the building and the form of the building  related to the whole angles of the surrounding area from the site and so on.

It is like river flow slowly and quickly sometimes to use any tools to check, make sure, communicate, and build, gazing on the centers which is clear or vague, and the wholeness.

 The followings are the items in the living process with sequence of actual events.



2.Looking for the site to help the client, making the pattern language of Kawagoe House


   There were three opportunities for them with me to find the housing lot on sale for the most proper site for the client family, while the negotiation of the client to the banker for the budget of all, in the west area of Kawagoe station where was the location near the maiden family and the  nursery school of Mrs. K  who would become a mother in near future.


  It was the right decision that the client, Mr. K chose the most expensive one, although the cost allocation would make the building budget tight. Because the location was very interesting with the potential from only the street construction near but the boundary between the small housing areas following the street grid and the typical public housing following direction of the sun.


 Therefor the first sketch had come out from the above condition.

 The building shape was irregular form with five faces  like sketch as the effect with some properties of geometry;uGradationvanduSpiralvbringinguVoid of trianglevon the center and the top small roof the building were coming out.

 On the other hand, the pattern language was original for the client, Mr.K who had has very enough knowledge about it to explain to his wife, Mrs.K until the end of the project, but not in the frame from the other, with the common base knowledge of the book, "a Pattern Language".








3. The site experiment and the first drawing


 I show the picture of the site experiment with the clients to make sure the first sketch and the first drawing shows the feeling of the building with roof tiles and whitish plaster wall from the west south corner as one of the important angles.


4.Grasp the all aspects of the building with the early estimate


 The budget allocation for the building itself included everything used to be the most important work to see the possibility of realization with the client family dream and requires in the economical social condition then.

Therefor the set of drawings included the structure engineering ones to make the estimate.

Making study model use to be very important to study, envelop, working out with  communications with the clients and builders and some production makers.








5.Many drawings and sketches


 To grow up the vague centers and the wholeness, drawings of outside and inside of the building would important to communicate with the area from all the angles and the client and the candidate of builders.

 The sketch of angle form the west north as the point of walking route to the station or major street  was the significant chance  to make the existing structure  of the building as the model yet stronger in the harmony with the public housing building in the south side of the area.



6.The roof eaves and the balcony


 I could feel incompatibility of the building in the area to see from the west north angle after model study and drawings in the site. The cascade of roofs was not fit with the lot size so that the adjustment was necessary. I reported to the client, Mr. K and Mrs. K at the site, showing the following sketch.



 It might help the cost reduction to solve the over budget of the early estimate.




 There was a nice help of the client, Mr. K in the  study of balcony form soon.

He showed the three types which were something to help the fabricated structure tendency and the generated structure tendency. I chose one of them, which contribute the generated structure.

 So the building could make the existing structure of the area and the building more living.

The balcony itself became the ornament of the building.










7.Structure engineering work

  The center point of weight and stiffness of building was the crucial target for the second floor of stiffness for the all volume, although the building form was irregular.




8.Estimate adjustment with two construction companies


 All items coming out from the one of them very clearly in the faithful attitude to the design.

The precut construction drawing coming out with more construction reality from the other in the social economical reality with some modification; especially on the wooden joint with reinforced hard wear. The modification would be positive if it is open to contribute to the sincere realization not to be behind. The irregular shape with irregular corner could be realized with the precut system because of the reason of irregular form of the building coming from the area structure but not from some concept or a caprice with logic, although the consumer tax up circumstance was affected to the project so much.



9.The official legal building application


 There were some opportunities to explain and make sure and negotiate to the department of building in the city office. The communication with the organization was significant as some opportunities the adjustment and synthesis for the wholeness of the building in the area.

 The living process uses to include some opportunities to change in emerging building on the site. The legal on-time condition in the local area and peculiar tendency of the organization then at the position of safety.

 There were major twice trials of change during the construction, which were unsuccessful one of the ten cm or four inches higher foundation and successful one of top light as the  more ceiling height in the part of second floor with reduction of the under roof storage area. 




10.Detail design and Final estimation


 The model and sketch and all drawing in detail concentrate  on the realization in the budget in the social economical condition then, enveloping with the core.

The interior wall reduction in the first floor and the second floor actually contribute not only to the  estimate work but to the better space, too. The interior space form could enhance the center with uspiralvto uvoidvas the properties of geometry and the each interior space itself  could become more proper for the actual family life then. They helped the cost reduction as the effect.




11.The feeling and the building connected to the inner of clients couple


There were many color studies as an example for difference of the natures for the oneness of them and the building. The balance was important, making sure each time to decide anything with feeling construction of them which has continued then and in future.  That was dynamic creation to see their house, building environment. It is the building environment as the effect and realization of healthy couple relationship which could create and realize the healthy balanced human environment quality of both genders in interior and exterior.











 Many mockups and sketches were tools to make sure at the site and communicate.

The report of meeting and construction were the important tools to think and decide and

communicate, too.


 Again I remark on the center of the building coming out from the start of the project shown on the first model with some possibility of ventilation window or top or side light.

 However the irregular triangle shape ofuvoidvmade the client and the constructor in charge uneasy for water proof detail and wind power, although the small roof shape return to the starting point on the early model shape after many study in all aspect, with the necessity of encouragement to constructors and the clients understanding on my patient explanation with the model and drawings of structure for the reaction of the client , Mr. K with the void triangle as my first target to realize the crystal of the area and building and the strong center.


 The ventilation system of natural air flow from the eaves of roof became one in large main roof and small roof as my decision during the work to see the real size of detail of roof.

The effect  pushed  the client for realization of the top light on the small roof as the blooming of  the capacity , the existing center enhanced as the strongest one made the existing structure of the whole more living and stronger. The top light could make the interior space center stronger as the response to the client request for the study corner then and in future with the kids rooms.



 Direct joining to the work for the jewel like part of the building could realize in the plaster work of approach floor with leaf shape color mortal, and ornamental screen of top light.

 Episode of construction reality in the generated processGMr.Yanagimoto and Junior as father and son of carpenters have the beautiful gentle relationship always would make the construction site or work place peaceful and positive. 

 There had been the foresight of the difficulty  around the stairs  space during the design to study on the experiment.

 The both of them had hassled for this building, especially the father carpenter could  remain the most skillful work around the under stairs to occur some strange feeling in the space so that I concentrated to make it living in the existing whole already in the space with pressure of each ego in all sides to switch to positive from negative one to use the voices from any sides somehow. Then the son could finish the space following to my indication at the end. 
This is an example of the generated process in consruction work with high sckill father carpenter and his son who could understand about the wholeness. The drawing itself uses itself the frame for the carpenters, although it is nessesary.
At the same time, the expression of wooden work as carpenters free inspiration with high skill can make such a detail of 3 dimention. The workers in general work were surprised on it with the clients. It is like the beaytiful wild horse who helped the wholeness with the spiral fllow to the boid after setting and adjusting.







13DSynthesis of form in the living process for the generated structure to the wholeness

     as the conclusion


  How to generate the structure and wholeness is dedicated with the synthesis of form actually, solving the all living relations properly with harmony; inner structure of clients  or users as new couple who will become the parents who have had profession with career and future who are both music lover and player, structure of the wide area with the crystal like traditional building in town and countryside or along the street, structure of the area with the major street and station, structure of neighborhood with the small housings along the  lane and housings along the street and public housing following to the sun direction , structure of the block faces two garage los of  large one and small one, structure of the relation of the site to the street,  the site proportion and so on; the form from the above with support of structure engineering with computer calculation and precut wooden work for the realization, which is made the good air condition, sound technic accord to the structure engineering, then the "void" could make the wholeness enhance as the top light with rafter like veins of leaf. Then the void invited the air space  with leaves screen as the shade of top light and  small wood joint ornaments and color mortal works on the exterior floor for the wholeness.




 This is the very short explanation compare to the real living process,  however I hope the grasp about the living process for the generated structure in reality as an example.